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flaagelavatar of flaagel [104] GNU C RESTRICT would make sense in the standardSuggested reference implementation2019-08-05 17:25:38

IMMEDIATE sets the corresponding flag in the latest compiled word header. GNU Forth RESTRICT sets the compile-only flag in a similar manner. I think it should be standardized for the sake of completeness.

ruvavatar of ruv

restrict in Gforth is synonym for compile-only. Its behavior is described as "Remove the interpretation semantics of a word". Such behavior description cannot take place in the standard.

By the standard, if a word with undefined interpretation semantics is encountered by the text interpreter in interpretation state the occurring behavior is implementation specific. A possible variant is to even perform its compilation semantics. There is no much sense for a standard program to transform the well defined interpretation semantics of some word to something unknown, that will be depend on implementation.

AntonErtlavatar of AntonErtl

Gforth 0.7 and earlier performs -14 throw when text-interpreting a compile-only word.

In the next release all words have interpretation semantics (for compile-only words often the same as the compilation semantics). The meaning of compile-only now is that you get a warning in text interpretation and when ticking.

PeterKnaggsavatar of PeterKnaggs

This has been discussed at the standards meeting, we do not think that a proposal of this nature would achieve consensus. Common practice has not yet been established. This feeds into related topics such as dual semantic words, that are being discussed.

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