6.2.2218 SOURCE-ID source-i-d CORE EXT

( -- 0 | -1 )

Identifies the input source as follows:

SOURCE-ID Input source

-1 String (via EVALUATE)
0 User input device



MitraArdronavatar of MitraArdron [171] Should this reference the optional word sets where SOURCE-ID is changedExample2020-12-27 08:40:17

SOURCE-ID is changed by the optional FILES word set, a forward reference would be useful in that case i.e. if I was reading this definition on a system where the FILES word set was present, I would see a number other than -1 or 0 in SOURCE-ID and think the system was not compliant with the standard.

AntonErtlavatar of AntonErtl

The "See:" section references the FILE wordset version of SOURCE-ID.

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