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JimPetersonavatar of JimPeterson [197] Web site problem?Request for clarification2021-05-05 17:24:29

This entry on the web site seems a bit messed up, being different from all other entries. It looks like something went wrong.

AntonErtlavatar of AntonErtl

It's closer to the standard document (which I find helpful, because I sometimes need to see the section number and the wordset). However, all the links I tried are broken.

ruvavatar of ruv

Just a side note. On the the primary web page we can find: Discuss the functions of website itself in the Meta Discussion.

GeraldWodniavatar of GeraldWodni

There is an open issue on github regarding this problem. Feel free to investigate and submit a pull request. Otherwise please refer further discussion about this on github. I'll eventually fix it when I find time.

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