6.1.0460 ; semicolon CORE


Interpretation semantics for this word are undefined.


( C: colon-sys -- )

Append the run-time semantics below to the current definition. End the current definition, allow it to be found in the dictionary and enter interpretation state, consuming colon-sys. If the data-space pointer is not aligned, reserve enough data space to align it.


( -- ) ( R: nest-sys -- )

Return to the calling definition specified by nest-sys.



Typical use: : name ... ;

One function performed by both ; and ;CODE is to allow the current definition to be found in the dictionary. If the current definition was created by :NONAME the current definition has no definition name and thus cannot be found in the dictionary. If :NONAME is implemented the Forth compiler must maintain enough information about the current definition to allow ; and ;CODE to determine whether or not any action must be taken to allow it to be found.