;CODE semicolon-code TOOLS EXT


Interpretation semantics for this word are undefined.


( C: colon-sys -- )

Append the run-time semantics below to the current definition. End the current definition, allow it to be found in the dictionary, and enter interpretation state, consuming colon-sys.

Subsequent characters in the parse area typically represent source code in a programming language, usually some form of assembly language. Those characters are processed in an implementation-defined manner, generating the corresponding machine code. The process continues, refilling the input buffer as needed, until an implementation-defined ending sequence is processed.


( -- ) ( R: nest-sys -- )

Replace the execution semantics of the most recent definition with the name execution semantics given below. Return control to the calling definition specified by nest-sys. An ambiguous condition exists if the most recent definition was not defined with CREATE or a user-defined word that calls CREATE.

name Execution:

( i * x -- j * x )

Perform the machine code sequence that was generated following ;CODE.



Typical use: : namex ... <create> ... ;CODE ...

where namex is a defining word, and <create> is CREATE or any user defined word that calls CREATE.