Meta discussion

…about everything that is not specific to the standard or the systems, but this website itself


GeraldWodniavatar of GeraldWodni Digests and Meta discussionExample2016-01-08 18:42:54

Meta Discussion

First let me thank you all for putting life in this website by contributing ;) If you have feedback and ideas, please let me know and discuss it here: Meta Discussion


As Peter Knaggs suggested a while ago, the system now features digests. That should make it far easier to keep discussions alive without polling the website. If you do not wish to receive any digests, please disable them in your profile (you will find a link at the very bottom).


Moderators can now lift users from "moderated" to "unmoderated" in the Manage User Section, that will allow them to post without delay. Pending contributions are also shown to the moderators in their digests.


AntonErtlavatar of AntonErtl Session timer and preseving contributionsExample2016-12-31 22:07:36

I just wrote a long reply, taking my time. At the end my session had timed out, the system asked for authentication and presented an empty text field instead of the result of my long editing session. Please fix:

  • longer session time.

  • Upon session timeout, preserve the state of the session across the authentication screen.