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Extend the execution semantics of 6.2.2125 REFILL with the following:

When the input source is a text file, attempt to read the next line from the text-input file. If successful, make the result the current input buffer, set >IN to zero, and return true. Otherwise return false.



ruvavatar of ruv Ambiguous conditionsRequest for clarification2019-08-28 13:06:05

An excerpt from 11.3.3 Input source

A standard program shall not call REPOSITION-FILE on the fileid returned by SOURCE-ID.

Is it correctly to say that an ambiguous condition exists if REPOSITION-FILE is applied to fileid returned by SOURCE-ID?

Shouldn't the Standard also say that a standard program shall not change the state of the input source via other words like WRITE-FILE, READ-FILE, READ-LINE, CLOSE-FILE, etc?

This question is connected with REFILL since the statement "attempt to read the next line from the text-input file" can create a wrong impression that READ-LINE may be applied to fileid from SOURCE-ID and REFILL should take the next line correctly after that.

AntonErtlavatar of AntonErtl 2019-09-06 08:26:50

It's not specified as ambiguous condition, but the effect as far as standard programs are concerned is the same. As far as standard systems are concerned, the difference is that a system needs to document the result of an ambiguous condition (a pretty pointless exercise IMO).

Yes, I think that the file-id returned from SOURCE-ID should not be used for pretty much any file operation. I don't know of anybody who used SOURCE-ID for file operations, but absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

It's unclear to me what the purpose of providing the file-id through SOURCE-ID was. It looks to me like a case where the committee had a specific implementation (line-at-a-time) in mind, and provided access to more implementation detail than actually needed. But if that was the case, why not also allow REPOSITION-FILE?

In any case, we may want to make the allowance to use other file words on the file-id returned by SOURCE-ID obsolescent.