( c-addr1 u1 c-addr2 u2 -- c-addr3 u3 flag )

Search the string specified by c-addr1 u1 for the string specified by c-addr2 u2. If flag is true, a match was found at c-addr3 with u3 characters remaining. If flag is false there was no match and c-addr3 is c-addr1 and u3 is u1.


T{ : s2 S" abc"   ; -> }T
T{ : s3 S" jklmn" ; -> }T
T{ : s4 S" z"     ; -> }T
T{ : s5 S" mnoq"  ; -> }T
T{ : s6 S" 12345" ; -> }T
T{ : s7 S" "      ; -> }T

T{ s1 s2 SEARCH -> s1 <TRUE>  }T
T{ s1 s3 SEARCH -> s1  9 /STRING <TRUE>  }T
T{ s1 s4 SEARCH -> s1 25 /STRING <TRUE>  }T
T{ s1 s5 SEARCH -> s1 <FALSE> }T
T{ s1 s6 SEARCH -> s1 <FALSE> }T
T{ s1 s7 SEARCH -> s1 <TRUE>  }T