Proposal: Wording: declare undefined interpretation semantics for locals


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ruvavatar of ruv Wording: declare undefined interpretation semantics for localsProposal2020-03-08 15:18:59


We have the "name Execution:" section for the locals, but don't have a "name Interpretation:" section. Hence, name has default interpretation semantics according to, that conflicts with an explicitly declared ambiguous condition in the "name Execution:" section.


Add the following section:

name Interpretation:

Interpretation semantics for name are undefined.

Remove from the "name Execution:" section the following sentence:

An ambiguous condition exists when name is executed while in interpretation state.

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The same proposal is applied to (LOCAL), taking into account that there another wording is used: "local Execution:". Perhaps we should also harmonize these specifications with each other.

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In the general case, "name is executed while in interpretation state" can be achieved via : foo {: name :} name ; 1 foo — and nothing wrong with that. So the corresponding sentence is even incorrect by its own.

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