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Hint: Please delete the blockquote explanations, they are just for your convenience while writing the proposal


The name of the author(s) of the proposal.

Change Log:

A list of changes to the last published edition on the proposal.


This states what problem the proposal addresses.


A short informal description of the proposed solution to the problem identified by the proposal.

This gives the rationale for specific decisions you have taken in the proposal (often in response to comments), or discusses specific issues that have not been decided yet.

Typical use: (Optional)

Shows a typical use of the word or feature proposed; this should make the formal wording easier to understand.


This should enumerate the changes to the document.

For the wording of word definitions, use existing word definitions as a template. Where possible, include the rationale for the definition.

Reference implementation:

This makes it easier for system implementors to adopt the proposal. Where possible, the reference implementation should be provided in standard Forth. Where this is not possible because system specific knowledge is required or non-standard words are used, this should be documented.

Testing: (Optional)

This should test the words or features introduced by the proposal, in particular, it should test boundary conditions. Test cases should work with the test harness in Appendix F.

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