Digest #6 2016-02-07


[15] 2016-02-06 13:57:57 AntonErtl wrote:

referenceImplementation - OF implementation

A. suggests an implementation of OF that does not comply with the stack effect given in the specifications of OF; we fell into this trap and used this implementation in Gforth for decades, but eventually our mistake was pointed out. You can find a new implementation that I suggest as reference implementation here; we now use it in Gforth, but it has also been tested and works on SwiftForth and VFX Forth. This implementation also implements ?OF, NEXT-CASE, and CONTOF to allow more general usage of this control structure.


[r17] 2016-02-05 18:31:42 AntonErtl replies:

comment - Proposal: end-case

I actually meant 0 ENDCASE. The stack might be empty before, so DUP could cause a stack underflow.

Thanks for the statistics.