Digest #31 2018-05-14


[54] 2018-05-13 18:36:50 MitchBradley wrote:

comment - [ELSE] without preceding [IF]

There has been some discussion around the use of [ELSE] .. [THEN] without a preceding [IF]

As the culprit responsible for ANS Forth's [IF] [ELSE] [THEN], I can state that omitting [IF] was not one of my goals, and I don't recall even considering the possibility.

That said, I think it's nice that it happens to work, and it certainly seems useful, if a bit surprising to the naive user.


[r108] 2018-03-02 05:31:58 Budsy replies:

testcase - Successful test cases would be good

My comment was based on a misreading of the given test cases. These looked like the number 05 rather than the constant 0S Boolean value provided in the test lexicon.

[r109] 2018-03-02 07:37:26 juergenuk replies:

referenceImplementation - Standard 2012 as slightly reduced version - but as Part of the Forth Bookshelf

If legal get's involved - you can forget it anyway. In this case - even for a free of charge amazon version I had considered, is impossible as amazon is a legal body. I had hoped there would be an opportunity to spread the message about Forth and the the Standard in a simple way - but it seems no chance. Thanks for your feedback.

[r110] 2018-03-02 10:40:09 AntonErtl replies:

testcase - Successful test cases would be good

These test cases have an environmental dependency on negative numbers being in twos-complement format, which every system implements, but Forth-2012 did not standardize. We have standardized 2s-complement afterwards, so this test case will not have an environmental dependency in the next standard.

[r111] 2018-04-04 20:01:33 RobertDickow replies:

example - Session timer and preseving contributions

A longer session time is ok as a stopgap. Coupled with an on-screen countdown display would let the users know how their session time is doing. Alternatively, use a simple AJAX callback to a dummy file on the server, periodically doing a GET request, say-- every 10 minutes, using a javascript timer. jQuery sends header info, so sessions will be kept alive. I have used this approach successfully on some of my website projects.