Digest #104 2020-07-01


[141] 2020-06-29 06:48:12 tolich wrote:

comment - Defer Implementation

In fact, it's just a possible portable implementation and it's not error-free. Like, when DEFERed word is called when the stack is already full, it may cause stack overflow and hence -3 THROW.

The REAL implementation, of course, is just a JMP instruction for native/subroutine/direct code or something as primitive for other code types. So DEFERed word has not to be CREATEd.

ALSO, it would be nice to define THROW codes for the ambiguties related to DEFER, and use a word THROWing one of these values instead of just ABORTing.


[r381] 2020-06-24 21:27:49 GeraldWodni replies:

proposal - Same name token for different words

You can now add a new Version with the "New Version" button below which will then git diffed to the previous version. testing simple reply

[r382] 2020-06-24 21:41:41 GeraldWodni replies:

comment - Overhaul 2020: Proposals

New Version-checkbox has now been moved next to Reply as a proper button and displays the latest version's markdown.

Currently I think it is best to only allow the original author (=author of proposal) to change the version, but others should have access to the markdown code for quick copy & pasting to provide the author with high quality feedback.