Digest #99 2020-05-30


[135] 2020-05-29 10:10:51 ruv wrote:

requestClarification - Word set of S>D word

Why S>D word is placed into CORE word set? What we can do with a double number (that S>D produces) without other words for double numbers?

It seems this word should be in Double-Number word set. What do you think?


[r364] 2020-05-28 08:14:52 AntonErtl replies:

proposal - Recognizer RfD rephrase 2020

Yes - this text has the potential of starting a bikeshedding discussion but as the recognizer concepts seem to be stable over the last couple of years it is about time to agree on appropriate names and notions.

It seems to me that the seeming stability is treacherous. Stephen Pelc wants to go back to an earlier version of the proposal, and Alex McDonald wants to revise it. We have had renamings already, and as a result, it is not as easy to compare versions as it could be.

However, we have also had a new concept that got the name of an old concept that it replaced: the postpone action was replaced by a time-shifting action (from which the postpone action can be built), but the time-shifting action was still called "postpone action". I am not sure if changing the name now would be helpful, or if it's too late.