Digest #84 2019-09-21


[118] 2019-09-20 23:23:52 ruv wrote:

comment - Unfindable definitions

If a definition is available via TRAVERSE-WORDLIST, can we say that it is findable in the dictionary?

Perhaps, for clarity, we should mention that unfindable definitions (e.g. not ended, or nameless, or quotations) shall not be available via TRAVERSE-WORDLIST. Otherwise, among other issues, SEARCH-WORDLIST cannot be correctly implemented via TRAVERSE-WORDLIST factor.


[r335] 2019-09-19 01:38:22 ruv replies:

comment - Interpretation semantics

A basis for the following statement is unclear:

Thus the interpretation semantics are left undefined, as COMPILE, will not be executed during interpretation.

Why will not COMPILE, be executed during interpretation?

A possible explanation is that the author of this statement (and perhaps some other members of the X3J14 Technical Committee) believed that appending semantics to the current definition may take place in compilation state only [1]. In such case COMPILE, is allowed to be executed in compilation state only, and therefore both executing in interpretation state and the interpretation semantics are ambiguous for this word. (And in such case even the second example above would be a non standard code)

It seems this reason is also why we have special LITERAL in place of ordinary LIT, (and the same for other literals).

Eventually this requirement (appending semantics in compilation state only) was not included into the normative part of the standard, but some shadows remained.

I think, now we can remove "Interpretation:" section of this glossary entry and the statement quoted above. Perhaps "Interpretation:" section can be also removed for CS-PICK, CS-ROLL, (LOCAL) and Left-bracket.

[1] See: RFI 9, Bernd Paysan on 04 Jun 1996 (txt)