Digest #55 2019-06-05


[82] 2019-06-04 08:26:12 ruv wrote:

requestClarification - Terminology and wording regarding "dictionary"


Have a look at the code space, data space and name space term definitions — they all are logical areas of the dictionary. But dictionary defined as:

dictionary: An extensible structure that contains definitions and associated data space.

What is the rationale that only the data space is mentioned (but the code space and name space are missed)? It looks like an inconsistency.


Have a look at the following term definitions:

name space: The logical area of the dictionary in which definition names are stored.

find: to search the dictionary for a definition name matching a given string.

What is the rationale that a "definition name" is searched not in the name space but in the dictionary?

It seems that referring to the name space would be more precise in such cases. OTOH, in practice, the term "name space" is often used as a hyperonym for the term "word list". Perhaps it should be taken into account in the further revisions and there is a sense to involve the term "header space" as the logical area in which definition names and meta-information are stored.


[r217] 2019-05-22 07:24:15 AntonErtl replies:

requestClarification - Overflow/underflow

Section specifies the behaviour on overflow or underflow. The next standard will refine this; see the proposal 2s-Complement Wrap-Around Integers.

[r218] 2019-05-22 18:30:57 PeterKnaggs replies:

requestClarification - Numeric overflow/underflow

No, but it does have a carry flag.