Digest #46 2018-09-23


[72] 2018-09-22 09:05:37 ruv wrote:

requestClarification - Should TO be findable?

Since "an ambiguous condition exists if any of POSTPONE, [COMPILE], ' or ['] are applied to TO", does ambiguous condition exist if [DEFINED] is applied to TO ?

May a standard programme get xt of TO via SEARCH-WORDLIST? If yes, what semantics should this xt bring?

May TO word be absent in FORTH-WORDLIST in a standard Forth system that actually supports TO something?


[r192] 2018-09-22 10:59:45 ruv replies:

requestClarification - ALSO without VOCABULARY

I prefer to make VOCABULARY, FORTH, and ALSO words obsolescent. In place of these words the new words to work with wordlists in modular manner should be designed and added.