Digest #248 2024-01-01


[327] 2023-12-31 13:04:17 lmr wrote:

requestClarification - diff from CORE FIND?

Maybe I'm missing something obvious, but how is this an extension of CORE FIND? It seems like exactly the same wording.


[r1161] 2023-12-27 06:53:10 AntonErtl replies:

requestClarification - shadowed names

I forgot to write the conclusion of the statement about the intent: Forth-2012 says: "Execute xt once for every word in the wordlist wid", but does not say whether "every word" includes shadowed words or not. This is compatible with the intent that the system implementor can do either. However, it probably is a good idea to make this intent more explicit.

[r1162] 2023-12-27 06:54:42 AntonErtl replies:

requestClarification - shadowed names

Yes, shadowing does not invalidate existing nts and xts. You can even get at the name with NAME>STRING.

[r1163] 2023-12-30 20:22:36 lmr replies:

requestClarification - control stack clearing?

Amusingly, I've tried this in gforth:

: q quit ; immediate
: dd BEGIN q ;

… and surely enough, there's the naked control stack for all to see. As a consequence of the fact that QUIT doesn't clear the control stack (or the data stack, as per the spec).