Digest #221 2023-04-16


[296] 2023-04-15 18:29:05 JimPeterson wrote:

comment - Single-float-aligned May Be Improperly Specified

"The set of single-float-aligned addresses is an implementation-defined subset of the set of aligned addresses."

Are you sure you want it specified this way? It seems over-constrained. For instance, on 64-bit Gforth systems, aligned addresses are multiples of 8 while sfaligned addresses are a superset of those, including all multiples of 4:

45 sfaligned . 48  ok          
45 sfaligned sfloat+ . 52  ok
45 sfaligned sfloat+ aligned . 56  ok


[r1008] 2023-04-15 01:16:57 JohanKotlinski replies:

example - Forth Programmer's Handbook

What about multi-line strings? From the standard text, one could believe that the following would work:

s" foo

However, it seems like it is not working in all Forths. Is it permissible, and why?

[r1009] 2023-04-15 02:12:14 JohanKotlinski replies:

example - Forth Programmer's Handbook

XXX Regarding multi-line S", I found comments in https://forth-standard.org/standard/core/PARSE which explain the situation as well as can be hoped for.