Digest #148 2021-05-02


[196] 2021-04-30 19:05:32 PeterFalth wrote:

requestClarification - Return value of XC-WIDTH for control characters

I have been updating my XC-WIDTH function and need to understand what the width should be for control characters ( 1 to $1F and $80 to $9F ). Markus Kuhn's original wcwidth returns -1 for them. I have seen that Julia language returns 0. The function above returns 1. My suggestion would be to return 0. This question also applies to X-WIDTH. I could provide an updated and more complete function than the above


[r677] 2021-04-30 17:16:31 AntonErtl replies:

requestClarification - How many cells can be compared ? Must have any limit ?

COMPARE compares characters, not cells. The maximum number of characters compared is specified by the u1 and u2 arguments.