Digest #127 2020-12-02


[168] 2020-12-01 10:58:24 ruv wrote:

comment - Data object notion usage

"Data object" is a primitive notion in the Standard.

But its usage looks inconsistently.

A data type identifies the set of permissible values for a data object. (1)

It seems to imply that the same data object may have different values. Then it means that a data object also identifies the set (namely, the set of its values). And then the set identified by a data type is a subset of the set identified by a data object.

Moving a data object shall not affect its type. (2)

But this makes an impression that a data object is an element of the set identified by a data type.

E.g. a single-cell data objects 123 and 456 are the same data object having the different values, or they are just the different data objects?

I'm inclined to the latter interpretation. Involving also a set of values seems to be unnecessary.

Then a better wording for (1) would be: A data type identifies the set of data objects.

What do you think?

[169] 2020-12-01 11:21:26 ruv wrote:

comment - Cells numeration in a cell-pair

According to 3.1.4 Cell-pair types, when a cell pair is placed on a stack, the top cell is the first cell, and the cell immediately bellow the top is the second cell.

It can be slightly confusing that in this glossary entry (and some others) the indexes are reversed: ( x<sup>1 x<sup>2 )

Perhaps a better variant is to be in accordance with 3.1.4:

( x<sup>2 x<sup>1 a-addr -- )


[r579] 2020-12-01 11:54:46 ruv replies:

proposal - XML Forth Standard - migration from LaTeX to DocBook

the need to escape > and < (probably also &)

Usually only ampersand and the left angle bracket should be escaped in XML, and the right angle bracket in the rare cases when it follows ]] (see also XML specification):

"&" -> "&amp;" 
"<" -> "&lt;"
"]]>" -> "]]&gt;"

So >R, R>, DOES>, etc, can be used without escaping.

I've been using Asciidoctor for years and I find it ... much more powerful than any other markup I have tried.

How "compiling" fragment above can be expressed in AsciiDoc?